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Still Kicking: Ralph Macchio Revives ‘Karate Kid’ Franchise

Author: Alicia Rancilio

NEW YORK (AP) — After starring in three “Karate Kid” films in the 1980s, Ralph Macchio says he “basically said ‘no’ for 30 years” to ideas for more.

“It felt better and smarter to leave the legacy alone,” said Macchio, who is now 57. He didn’t want to “taint the legacy with a short-sighted idea or cash grab.”

The “Cobra Kai” creators changed his mind with an idea about a half-hour series streaming on YouTube Premium. It takes place 34 years after the first movie.

Former nemesis Johnny Lawrence (again played by William Zabka) defines down on his luck. He’s living in a run-down apartment, has just been fired from his job as a handyman, and he keeps seeing ads for Daniel LaRusso’s successful car dealerships.

Source: Still kicking: Ralph Macchio revives ‘Karate Kid’ franchise

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